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Leader Board

Top Teacher

Radon, Tommy

Top Male Student

Antman, Less

Top Female Student

Cohen, Gail

Prizes & Awards

The amount of Prize Money & Vouchers is based on the number of Dancers Cup Tour events that are actually held. 2020 has been an unprecedented year with two events cancelling, and others held virtually or at much lower numbers. Our commitment is to present awards to ALL the placements advertised with amounts that reflect our fees paid by the events that actually occurred in 2020.

Top Teacher Prize Money

1st PlaceTBD
2nd PlaceTBD
3rd PlaceTBD
4th PlaceTBD
5th PlaceTBD
6th PlaceTBD
7th PlaceTBD
8th PlaceTBD
9th PlaceTBD
10th PlaceTBD

Top Student Vouchers

1st PlaceTBD
2nd PlaceTBD
3rd PlaceTBD
4th PlaceTBD
5th PlaceTBD
6th PlaceTBD

Special Teacher Bonus Incentive

Teachers: If you compete in multiple events in a season, you can qualify for an automatic bonus!

6 DCT Events$600 Bonus
7 DCT Events$700 Bonus
8 DCT Events$800 Bonus
9 DCT Events$900 Bonus
10 DCT Events$1,500 Bonus


Rules & Regulations



Point Accumulation System

  • Pro/Am Single or 2 Dance Entries:
    • 1st Place: 8 points
    • 2nd Place: 7 points
    • 3rd Place: 6 points
    • 4th Place: 5 points
    • 5th Place: 4 points
    • 6th Place: 3 points
    • 7th Place: 2 points
    • 8th Place: 1 points
    • Recalls from preliminary rounds: 4 points
  • Pro/Am Adult Multi, 4 or 5 Dance Entries:
    • 1st Place: 20 points
    • 2nd Place: 15 points
    • 3rd Place: 10 points
    • 4th Place: 8 points
    • 5th Place: 6 points
    • 6th Place: 4 points
    • 7th Place: 2 points
    • 8th Place: 2 points
    • Recalls from preliminary rounds: 5 points


2020 DCT Tour Update
Posted by Amy Beth Anderson
11:42 AM
As this year progresses into "uncharted" territory for Dancesport Competitions....
Our goal remains the same... WE ARE COMMITTED TO YOU!
Some of the DCT events have had to postpone - some have occurred in a safe & responsible manner - some are offering new & exciting experiences...
The prize money and voucher amount will be adjusted as to the number of DCT Competitions that are actually held in 2020. 
If Kings Ball is unable to take place, the 2020 Awards will still be distributed by December 31, 2020.  The Award Recipients will be recognized in a special presentation at the first DCT event in 2021.
Congratulations to our 2019 Dancers Cup Tour Winners!
Posted by Amy Anderson
11:25 AM

The Top Teachers and Students were recently announced at a beautiful celebration at the Kings Ball Competition in December! Congratulations to the following:

  • MALE STUDENTS (in order from 1st – 6th)
    • Brian Ames
    • Gary Parkes
    • Eduardo Arietta
    • Billy Doonan
    • Phil Schaenman
    • Walter Mosby
  • FEMALE STUDENTS (in order from 1st – 6th)
    • Sharon Gentling
    • Diane Kelly
    • Elaine Fieldman
    • Darcy Adamczyk
    • Nina Athanasakos
    • Leigh McQueen
  • TEACHERS (in order from 1st – 10th)
    • Gary Dahl
    • Tommy Radon
    • Blake Kish
    • Agnieszka Strojek
    • Micah Hammacher
    • Jeffrey Goltiao
    • Jaimee Simon
    • Matic Rodica
    • Vlad Astafiev
    • Kirill Gorjatsev

Thanks to all of you who supported the Tour in 2019 – we hope to see you again in 2020!

You Can Still Qualify for Top $$
Posted by Amy Anderson
9:57 PM

There are only FOUR events left in this season of the Dancer's Cup Tour! Haven't attended any DCT events yet? DON'T WORRY... You only need to attend three (3) DCT events to qualify!

2019 events still remaining:

Welcome to the New DCT Website!
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
10:39 PM

The Dancer's Cup Tour is proud to bring you a brand new website, a new look, and a new way to check your scores and read the latest news!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to conatct us at And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Why Attend Dancer's Cup Tour Events?
Posted by Amy Anderson
9:51 PM

The Dancer's Cup Tour is the longest running tour of events in the DanceSport industry! Here are just some of the things that set us apart from other tour and series:

  • Prize money awarded to all Open Professional Semi-Finalists
  • Newcomer AND Senior Scholarships at every event
  • We're the only tour to have a representative at the "Best of the Best" finale at Ohio Star Ball!
  • The DCT organizers work as a family; There is no single person in charge.
Dancers Cup Tour All Stars Announced!
Posted by Amy Anderson
9:45 PM

Voting for the Dancers Cup Tour ALL STARS began in April and ended in July. Congratulations to all the following All-Stars who were presented with special jackets at the Twin Cities Open!

  • All Star Male Student Nominees
    • Charlie Carboneau
    • David Werdal
    • Scott Skinner
    • WINNER: Dan Browning
  • All Star Female Student Nominees
    • Darcy Adamczyk
    • Elanor Parkes
    • Gloria Griseta
    • WINNER: Anna Gilbertson
  • All Star Male Teacher Nominees
    • Christopher Wayne
    • Benjamin Welch
    • Enzo Zappia
    • WINNER: Dabdeh Jafari
  • All Female Teacher Nominees
    • Kelly Bartlett
    • Lucy Fitzgerald
    • Jaimee Simon
    • WINNER: Grace Peterson